Steps to Teacher Freedom

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I am going to tell you the exact steps to take to launch your virtual teaching business, but before you launch out into the deep, be sure that:

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I get the purpose of the subject area data wall. The proficient students —scoring 60% mastery and above in tested subjects — are coded in green squares. The bubble students — scoring at 50–59% mastery in tested subjects — are coded in yellow squares. The struggling students — students below 50% mastery in tested subjects — are coded in red squares. When you line up the color squares, you get a big bar graph that shows at first glance where we “stand” as a subject… where we “stand” as a school.

But this is not my data. This data is…

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Marrying well in the 21st Century requires a mixed bag of wisdom from all the centuries before it. The hardest part is committing to the amount of honesty and self-reflection needed to take the plunge and stay “in love” afterward. Here are three basic things you need to do if you’re looking for your version of happily ever after now.

1: You Have to Decide You REALLY WANT Marriage.

Teachers are under a lot of pressure now to keep "grade level pace." That means that there is a curriculum — a list of topics within a subject — set based upon a central course writer’s ideas about what content should be taught to students of certain ages.

Sometimes, the course writer is a standards publisher. Then, courses are designed around what students should be able to do at the end of a semester or school year. Sometimes the course writer is a curriculum publisher (books, lesson plans, activities) with assessments attached. Then, courses are designed around what students should…

Being questioned by the right people at the right time can lead to huge improvements in your life.

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I would love to take full credit for the successes I have enjoyed just 15 years into my professional life, but that would be disingenuous. My entire life— including a number of my best financial decisions — has been propelled by the right questions, asked by the right people, at just the right time. The resulting internal work I had to do in response to those questions is what brought me to where I stand today, happy, at transition number five.

Transition 1: Home Ownership

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Tradition, without context, can be a powerful barrier to progress. It seals the eyes and ears to new possibilities. It makes pathways to new benefits forbidden. It cuts connections to personal and generational growth. This is what I think when I hear Naija sisters weighing their careers, their hopes, and their dreams against co-wife life in a polygamous marriage.

The question, “What else am I going to do" comes up so often that it’s clear to me that the Nigerian Woman might not know the intellectual, social, and economic value she already offers the globe. …

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We understand poverty by degrees like the winter cold. When my husband, a Nigerian, says he was “born with nothing,” he means he was a co-wife’s son treated poorly by his siblings. Eventually, he and his mother would leave his father’s compound and move back to her home village. He would grow up in poor but adequate housing, supported by a Mom who sold what she could in the town. …

If you are diagnosed with this autoimmune disorder like I was, you’ll probably have to make some difficult changes. They are worth it

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After four years of “What is it?” and three years of “What should I do next?” I have finally achieved hard-won peace with my Lupus diagnosis. As I was, you are probably tempted to see Lupus as the beginning of so many endings, but it doesn’t have to be. You can choose what Lupus means to your life. There are good odds that you can even control most of your short and long-term effects if you act quickly and with understanding.

First, Confirm Your Diagnosis

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So, you’re still marking papers in the middle of Netflix and chill. I know. You feel like if you don’t mark assignments at home, you’ll never catch up. And, depending on the task design you are employing, you might be right.

Let’s go through a paradigm shift together so you can spend your nights and weekends snuggling, snacking, laughing, and day-tripping.

1: Streamline Your Written Task Types

Every teacher has favorite ways to check for understanding, and there are a lot of formative and summative ways to do so. Whatever written task types you decide to use —short answer quizzes, exit tickets, essays, presentations, etc. …

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